The Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is sweeping across the region. It is critical that any ash tree that is symptom-free be treated or removed as soon as possible.

Sadly, all untreated ash trees in the area are expected to succumb to this infestation. Ewald Services uses safe and effective EAB treatments that were developed at the University of Michigan. When ash trees are treated before they are infested, or early in the EAB lifecycle, Ewald Services’ treatment is highly effective.

Tree Branch with Leaves

Did you know?

By the time the symptoms of EAB are observed, it is usually too late to save the tree.

The city of Rockford removed approximately 1,000 ash trees in 2015 with 4,000 more planned to come down throughout 2016 and 2017.

A mature tree can add $1,000-$10,000 to the value of a home.

Dead trees can be extremely dangerous to life and property.

Removal of a mature ash tree can cost $600 or more.

Warning Sign

The Emerald Ash Borer is the leading cause of ash tree deaths in northern Illinois.

The EAB infestation is the most devastating thing to happen to trees in northern Illinois since the outbreak of Dutch Elm Disease in the 1960’s. The EAB larvae chew through the bark of ash trees to the inner phloem, cambium, and outer xylem of the tree where they feed while continuing to develop. When the bark of an infested tree is removed, the circuitous path of the EAB larvae is visible. These feeding galleries prevent the flow of water and nutrients from the roots of the tree up to the leaves, causing the death of the tree. Once the feeding galleries have effectively girdled the tree, there is no way to reverse it. Because of this, by the time the symptoms of the infestation are observed it is usually too late to begin treatment.

Thinning of leaves

Thinning of leaves

Holes in trunk or branches

Holes in trunk or branches

New leaf growth below canopy

New leaf growth below canopy

Our EAB Treatment

To treat healthy ash trees, Ewald Services injects a commercial grade EAB insecticide into the base of the tree during early spring or late fall, when sap is most actively flowing. The chemical is then absorbed by the tree, and although harmless to the tree, the formula is deadly to the emerald ash borers for two full years. The same formula used by large municipalities, our EAB treatment is much more effective than consumer-available injectables and drench applications.

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Sam W.

Ewald Customer | Rockford, IL

“About five years ago I bought a home southwest of Rockford with 7 beautiful ash trees on the property. The fall colors were beautiful. The next year two of them had some major dead spots in them. Bark was falling off and I noticed the squiggly paths of bugs underneath. I called Ewald Services and they recommended treating 6 of our 7 ash trees (they said one was already too far gone). We balked at the price of treating all 6 and settled with only treating two of them. I decided to try treating the other 5 on my own with low cost products I found online. Now I have 2 beautiful ash trees (the two Ewald treated) and the rest are dead. I wish I had spent the money saving the other trees. The cost of tree removal is significantly more than the treatment I refused.”

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