your lawn was meant
to be Enjoyed!

Spend less time working on your yard and more time playing on it.

Ewald Services offers three comprehensive fertilizing & weed control programs to give you the lush green lawn you deserve, without all of the hassle of doing it yourself.

No More...
Fertelizer Bag

Choosing the right bag for the right situation


Hauling heavy bags of fertilizer


Timing applications around the weather

Zebra Print

Zebra print lawn from imperfect spreaders

Skull and Crossbones

Applying harsh chemicals

We have a fertilizer & weed control program to match every household

Premium program

For the greenest lawn on the block:

  • Country club grade, granular fertilizer
  • Lush verdant turf
  • Slower growth for deeper roots & less mowing
  • Bee friendly, fast acting weed control
  • Unlimited weed spot-checking & call-backs
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Organic program

For green without the guilt:

  • OMRI listed organic bio-stimulant
  • Build healthy turf using beneficial microbes
  • Improve drought tolerance
  • Naturally discourage weeds
  • Safest for people, pets, and environment
  • Bee friendly, fast acting weed control*
  • Unlimited weed spot-checking & call-backs
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Standard program

Green for less green:

  • Commercial grade, granular fertilizer
  • Fast-acting slow-release formula
  • Thick green grass
  • Fast acting, commercial grade weed control
  • Unlimited weed spot-checking & call-backs
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

*Although bee friendly, this product is not organic and can be omitted from the service at your request.

Ewald Van

The Ewald Services Difference

At Ewald Services you can count on a level of personal service that can only come from a local, family owned business. We understand what our neighbors want in a yard care company, which is why we are the only one in the region to offer three fertilizing programs to choose from. We know our neighbors appreciate that we optimize applications for the health and beauty of the lawn while saving them money over the course of the season, rather than cramming in as many fertilizer applications as the EPA will allow to maximize billing. We provide our neighbors the peace of mind of knowing their yard care services will be delivered by uniformed and licensed yard care professionals.

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Paul I.

Ewald Customer | Rockford, IL

"Bob has been taking care of our lawn for two seasons. I can honestly say that it has not looked fresher, greener or healthier in all of the time that we have lived here. I would recommend Ewald to anyone looking for a way to keep their lawn healthy and looking great."

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